fuel tank inspection

BOSSON + RAPO SA: specialists in Geneva for installing, making compliant and inspecting fuel tanks

Federal legislation on water monitoring imposes on all owners of fuel tanks rigorous rules for the installation, compliance and inspection of their installation:

General regulations Article 22:

1- Holders of installations containing liquids that can pollute water must ensure the installation, regular inspection, and correct operation and maintenance of the structures and equipment necessary for water protection. Storage installations submitted for authorisation (art. 19.2) must be inspected every ten years at least; depending on the risks they represent for water, the Federal council will fix inspection schedules for other installations.

With thirty years' experience, Bosson + Rapo SA guarantee that the installation and inspection of your fuel tank is carried out with the highest safety measures in place and with rigorous conformity to federal regulations.

Whether you want the fuel tank outside, in the cellar or submerged, our installers are qualified to install, inspect and maintain any type of fuel tank of whatever capacity.

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